The World Vocaloid Convention 2013 | 第00回ボーカロイド大会

Event Information

Event Title The World Vocaloid Convention 2013 (WVC2013)
Japanese Title 第00回 世界ボーカロイド大会 (ボカコン, bokakon)
Date June 8-9, 2013
Location Yamaha Resort Tsumagoi (Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture)
Gallery:Tumagoi Music Garden | Tenryu Hamanako Line : Tenryu-Futamata Sta.
Global Hashtag #vocacon
Event Proposals An announcement will be made on this website in the coming days.
Convention Details Further details will continue to be revealed on this website.
*This event is being held by fans, for fans. It is not an official Vocaloid event.
*Please direct any questions to the above email address. Please do NOT contact the event facility with questions about this event.