The Sound of the Future
Showing and discussing about vocaloid videos.

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― 2011 Vocaloid Panel Details ―
1. Along with the latest information from Japan, we'll also introduce popular PVs
 (music videos), as well as messages from their creators to North American fans.
 Of course, we'll be showing some MMD (MikuMikuDance) videos too.

2. Right now, we're working on bringing some never-before-seen Vocaloid PVs
 so that they can be premiered to the world at Anime Expo!

3. Additionally, we'll be bringing some Vocaloid producers to the panel from Japan!
 You'll have a chance to see and meet the creators of all sorts of hit songs.
 (*We'll start announcing our guests at a later date.)

4. We're also hoping to bring some brand new Vocaloid doujin CDs and goods to sell.
 These will be sold either exclusively or for the first time ever at AX 2011!

5. Finally, this year we'd like to run the raffle that we weren't able to get to last year.

We hope you're all excited for Mirai no Neiro - The Sound of the Future 2011,
 and please stay tuned for more details down the line!

Anime Expo 2011
Los Angeles Convention Center in Southern California
Event Name
Mirai no Neiro
The Sound of the Future 2011
Date: 2011-07-03
Time: 17:45~20:45
Room:LP1(LACC Petree Hall)

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